My Mission

“My mission is to live a sustainable life with kindness and compassion toward myself, my peers, and our planet. To be present in every moment with an inquisitive mind open to growth and development. I recognize that I have benefited from racial, gender, and socioeconomic privileges, which I use to advocate for those who have not. I want others to look upon my life and see that I did my best to live with integrity as an example from which they may draw inspiration to do the same. When I fail to uphold these intentions, I welcome constructive feedback.”

My Purpose

"Because doing what I can to move our culture to a more equitable and egalitarian society for all is most important to me, I want to use my passion for building human connections in and between our differing communities to find creative solutions to difficult-to-solve societal challenges, so I can have a positive impact on the most vulnerable and often-maligned citizens of our shared planet."

—Edward J. Borek III

Then, Now, & Next

I was born in Philadelphia and grew up in a small beach town in southern New Jersey. I am the middle child of five. Growing up in a Polish-American family of modest means, I learned the value of hard work and frugality early on. I found my first paid job when I was 14 years old. In June of 2008, I graduated from both Pinelands Regional High School and Ocean County Vocational Technical School—studying culinary arts and restaurant management at the latter. I moved to San Diego in 2010. I currently work part-time for the San Diego Community College District at Miramar College as a Program Assistant splitting my time between the college's Dreamers Support Office (undocumented student services) and Office of Student Affairs.

On May 22, 2022, I graduated from San Diego Miramar College with an Associate of Science for Transfer in Business Administration and an Honors Global Competencies Certificate of Performance. I served as the President of the Miramar College Associated Student Government and one of three Student Trustees on the Board of Trustees for the San Diego Community College District.

As the Student Commencement Speaker, I joyfully led the class of 2022 in celebration of our achievements. I did so as the Associated Student President, President of Club Spectrum, an honors student and member of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society, and with the distinction of completing my degree with high honors.

Edward Borek delivering the 2022 Miramar College Student Commencement Speech, May 20, 2022.

I am currently enrolled in the Fowler College of Business and the Weber Honors College at San Diego State University majoring in business administration with an honors minor in interdisciplinary studies. By the end of my first semester at SDSU, I was elected to serve as the Vice President of the 25+ Aztecs, a registered student organization connecting non-traditional students on campus. Before my junior year ended, my leadership responsibilities expanded yet again as I took on the role of Communications and Social Media Chair for the Jane K. Smith Cap and Gown chapter of Mortar Board National Senior Honors Society.

I will use my undergraduate educational experience to learn the practical skills needed in community organizing and managing a team of individuals. My aim to continue my education in a graduate program studying public policy. My ultimate goal is to coordinate at the local level to affect larger systemic, social changes for the betterment of all—doing so with the realization that I hold many privileges that allow me to champion for the marginalized among us.

Like everyone, I have many hobbies and interests.
Some of the activities I am most passionate about are:

Edward Borek posing on a mountain.


On the weekends, you can often find me hoofing it up one of San Diego County's many hiking trails.

Edward Borek poses in front of a display of his artwork at the House of Blues, San Diego, in 2015.


Two of my favorite memories are showing my art at the Andaz Hotel and the House of Blues, San Diego, in solo and collaborative art exhibits.

Eggs benedict cooked by Edward Borek.


While in high school, I was concurrently enrolled in a vocational program where I studied the culinary arts.

Edward Borek distributes winter survival supplies to unhoused individuals in downtown San Diego in December 2021.


Homelessness and food-insecurity are just two causes I care deeply about. Socioeconomic equity and racial justice are two other issues I strongly support.

Edward Borek speaking at a press conference at San Diego Miramar College in August 2022.

Student Advocacy

Advocating for students' rights is incredibly important to me. All individuals regardless of their lived experience should have access to higher education.

Edward Borek sitting at a desk completing a school work assignment.


Having earned over $19,500 in merit scholarships in addition to receiving several awards, I take pride in my academic honors.

Edward Borek posing during a volunteer tree-planting event.


We have one home, one planet. I do my best to live eco-consciously and to advocate for sustainability.

Edward Borek posing with a giraffe at the San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park.

Animal Welfare

Although I did not grow up a strict vegetarian, I have always had reservations about how western societies factory-farm animals. We can do better.

Edward Borek shows off his finisher's medal for the 2020 America's Finest City Half Marathon.

Personal Growth

Every day I intend to be a better version of me than I was the day before. Through constant personal development, I hope to do just that.

Edward Borek meditating on a dock at Miramar Lake.


Prioritizing mental health is not only something I advocate for; mindful living is a personal ideal I strive for everyday.

Edward Borek posing at his college graduation under a sign of his name decorated with colored hearts representing the LGBT community.


Know thyself is more than a maxim; being an out member of the LGBTQIA+ community is a daily practice in self-acceptance.

Edward Borek and friends laughing over drinks.


While I value hard work, dedication, and earnestness, I recognize the importance of social amiability and quality time with friends.